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Proofreading Correspondence Course

If you want to stick to proofreading, the Chapterhouse Proofreading Correspondence Course is ideal for you. It has two volumes of detailed notes which are constantly revised and updated, together with lots of exercises and assessments. With full tutor support throughout, you can learn the skills of proofreading from scratch. Beginners and more experienced proofreaders will benefit alike from our thorough, step-by-step approach.

  • The art of proofreading – essential knowledge from specialists. How, and when, to make changes.
  • The proofreading symbols and how to use them – secrets and tips from our experts on spotting and marking errors.
  • How book publishing works and how to be part of it as a freelance proofreader.
  • How to find work with non-publishers – a huge growth market for freelance proofreaders.
  • Two major proofreading assessments fully marked by your tutor.
  • Lots of proofreading practice exercises for self-assessment, with model answers to work through at your own speed.
  • Full tutor support by email during the course and for two years after you’ve completed your marked assessments. We’ll help with marketing advice, including with writing your CV and how to use proofreading outside the world of publishing.
  • Brush up on your English with our special grammar and punctuation module.
  • In a hurry? As a proofreader working from home, in just six weeks you could be earning £26 an hour.
  • Busy? You complete the course at your own pace taking up to a year from enrolment, so it’s ideal for busy people with other commitments.
  • Learn a valuable new skill in the safety of your home.

Successful students are awarded the Chapterhouse Certificate of Competence in Proofreading.

Meet a Chapterhouse student

Kenneth McCubbin, 77, Buckinghamshire

What’s your background? After grammar school and national service, I taught maths and statistics. Then I switched careers and worked in marketing for IBM until I retired a few years ago.

Why a Chapterhouse proofreading course? I recently proofread my son’s book. I really enjoyed it and want to do more on a professional basis, and keep me off the streets at the same time! I didn’t want to stay in London so I’m doing it by correspondence. So far, I have enjoyed it all. Learning the proper signs is quite fun. Some of them are a bit Greek-like though!

Any advice for someone thinking about the course? Do it. It’s fun, and you’ll expand your knowledge base. You’ll also be able to dine out for free on what you learn!

If you would prefer to pay via monthly instalments, please use this form (PDF).

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