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Chapterhouse Publishing Reviews and Testimonials: Meet Our Students

Chapterhouse Publishing reviews: keeping in touch!

Chapterhouse Publishing reviews: keeping in touch!

Here’s just a small selection from the Chapterhouse postbag. We love to hear from our students about their successes, and many keep in touch for years.

After you finish a Chapterhouse proofreading course (whether a seminar or a correspondence course), you benefit from two years of email support. We’ll help you make a plan, look at your letters of application, and even help rewrite your CV!

Our experienced tutors do their utmost to help you to find work and make the most of your new skills.

Student thoughts

I’m pleased to say that I have now landed a major publishing company as a client and things have gone from strength to strength. I’d like to say a very big thank you to yourself and Chapterhouse for your valuable advice and your professional help – the course has opened a whole new world to me and I love being my own boss. I would advise anyone who has a love of books and writing and who wants to be their own boss to take your course.

GH, High Wycombe

The course was particularly helpful in imparting an understanding of the publishing process as a whole, and what the priorities are at each stage of the editorial process… Upwards of 120 manuscripts and 50 sets of proofs later, I would not hesitate to recommend the course.

JC, Chesterfield

I was able to leave teaching last summer and have supported myself since then through proofreading… I am thoroughly enjoying the work and my new lifestyle… thank you so much.

PD, Stanley

I am now proofreading regularly for one of the leading religious book publishers… and enjoying the work immensely.

IG, Folkestone

My work is mainly for a pharmaceutical magazine, but I have had other ad hoc projects such as technical reports, anglicising US copy, marketing brochures etc.

LF, Bracknell

I got that job with [a publishing house], in large part due to having been on the course. So now I’m Editorial Assistant, wading through queries, proofs, blurb edits and permissions, just like it said on the tin.

JR, Cambridge

I have some proofreading work lined up with an academic publisher and have started reading for fiction publishers.

SC, Leeds

I have been able to inform a well-known company in Germany of my success and as a result am now contracted to them as a proofreader. You were right about Chapterhouse being ‘well respected in the UK and internationally’.

HD, Sheffield

I just wanted to write to say what an excellent course we much enjoyed at Imperial College which commenced on May 12. I would like to formally thank Tom Richards, our tutor – who was wonderfully engaging and conveyed the subject in a most comprehensible manner – with humour and with much interaction from ourselves too! It was the most stimulating and very enlightening and interesting week.

FF-M, Warwick

I not only found the Chapterhouse four-day seminar back in December very useful, I also enjoyed it immensely. I thought you were brilliant… And given the chance I should certainly attend other courses taught by you. (If you’ve now shifted into cynical Brit mode, thinking “shameless flatterer!”, please stop, and reverse back; these sentiments are written out spontaneously, and meant very genuinely.)

CJ, Switzerland

I don’t think I ever let you know the successes your course has brought me! It was a LONG time ago, when I had just retired from teaching and I did your residential course in Exeter. I built up a part-time free-lance business – and then got offered a 5 year job at was then UKERNA (now JANET)… They added to my skills with courses on web design and maintenance, and digital photography. I have retired again but still work voluntarily – building websites for myself and organisations, copy editing for the local NHS Trust, and developing my photography alongside my passion for mixed media textiles, ‘photoshopping’ my own photos and incorporating them in my embroidery – just took a first at a local art exhibition. And all because I took your course! I found the ‘How to get work’ section at the end of the course really helpful.

The most important effect you have had is that the local NHS Trust now has a style sheet and a work instruction for producing documentation for public distribution… Chapterhouse – you probably save lives!!!!

AP, Derbyshire