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Celebrating nearly 30 years in publishing training

Chapterhouse was founded in 1991 by Course Directors Daisy Crowther and Richard Littler, who both continue to teach regularly today. Our proofreading and copy-editing courses were the first publishing training correspondence courses in the world.

Richard and Daisy both have first-class publishing pedigrees: Richard was Executive Director of Lloyd’s of London Press, and Daisy was Promotion Manager at Butterworths. Both have extensive freelance experience in book publishing and for major institutions, charities and government departments.

Our reputation

“The UK’s leading editorial training organisation for the freelance market” (Book People).

Because Chapterhouse has a reputation for integrity and high standards, its certificates are “recognised by the industry” (Daily Express). Our Certificate of Competence is a recommendation from us confirming that we believe you are able to work professionally in publishing. There is no official body which validates proofreading and copy-editing qualifications, and there is no official national body which awards you “letters after your name”. That’s why it is essential to train with a well-known organisation, and why our certificates are so valuable.

Our reputation as “an internationally renowned publishing training body” (Writers’ Forum) rests upon Chapterhouse’s most important foundation: the experience, track-record and ability of our tutors and the quality of our courses.

What kind of person takes a Chapterhouse course?

There is no ‘average’ student: no typical age, job, background or gender.  Some of our students are highly educated. Others left school at sixteen. Some are scientists. Others write novels. Many want to start a freelance career earning money from home. Others want to enhance their existing job prospects or enrich their language skills.

Here’s a sample of a few people who have studied with us recently:

Nurse. Scientist. English teacher. Betting shop manager. Retired printer. Healthcare worker. Driving instructor. HR manager. Senior civil servant. Russian lecturer. Actor. Student. Full-time mum returning to work. Solicitor. Window-cleaner. Translator. Social worker. Estate agent. Marketing executive. Journalist. Teaching assistant. Retired accountant. Security guard.

Check out this blog post by Richard, a director of Chapterhouse, about the range of people who make great proofreaders and copy-editors.

Our corporate clients

We frequently train employees of major organisations, or run bespoke in-house courses for them. Over the past twenty-five years, we have trained people for hundreds of household name companies.

Just a handful are here:

The Inland Revenue. The Ministry of Defence. The Home Office. DEFRA. The Institute of Legal Executives. Oberon Books. HSBC. Marie Curie Cancer Care. Bloomsbury Publishing. Sotheby’s. The International Courts of Justice. Public Health England. World Trade Organization.

With Chapterhouse, you are in safe and trusted hands.

A quote from a recent letter: Apologies for the slight tardiness in submitting this work. This has been for good reason: for the past three months I have been doing freelance proofreading for an educational qualifications authority! There is no doubt that the Chapterhouse manuals have been a great support to me in starting this work.