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Our correspondence courses have manuals with lots of exercises and model answers for self-assessment, and additional free exercises can be sent in for detailed marking and feedback by our tutors. Chapterhouse offers two different correspondence courses: the Proofreader Plus Course covers proofreading, and the Proofreading and Editorial Skills Course deals with both proofreading and copy-editing. Chapterhouse correspondence students have up to a year to complete the course, so you can work from home, at your own pace.

There is no ‘average’ student: no typical age, job, background or gender. Some of our students are highly educated. Others left school at sixteen. Some are scientists. Others write novels. Many want to start a freelance career earning money from home. Others want to enhance their existing job prospects or enrich their language skills.
Become a freelance proofreader and copy-editor – work from home and earn £30 an hour
Chapterhouse Correspondence Courses in Proofreading and Copy-editing will help you to achieve your dream to work with words and make money! We have been teaching our students to proofread and to edit for 30 years.
What do proofreaders and copy-editors do?
What do proofreaders do? The proofreader is the detail spotter who weeds out the last-minute errors (typos, spellings, punctuation) before the material goes to print, but doesn’t make substantial changes or rewrite it.

What do copy-editors do? The copy-editor works in detail before the material is designed and prepared for printing. Copy-editing for publishers involves making the book the best it can be, as well as finding all the little mistakes. It’s a broader job than proofreading, and copy-editors are usually paid slightly more.

Many people work both as copy-editors and as proofreaders, and often non-publishing clients (whether they are charities, health centres, accountants, football clubs, universities, or countless other organisations or individuals) want a mixture of proofreading and copy-editing. Proofreading and copy-editing are usually done by freelancers who work from home.
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