Become a freelance proofreader and copy-editor – earn £30 an hour  

Chapterhouse Correspondence Courses in Proofreading and Copy-editing will help you to achieve your dream to work with words and make money! We have been teaching our students to proofread and to edit for nearly 30 years.

A copy-editor prepares an author’s typescript for the typesetter who sets the type and produces proofs. The proofs are checked by the proofreader. The copy-editor’s job is much broader and decisions have to be made on style, presentation and consistency, as well as minor matters. The proofreader is the detail spotter who weeds out the errors before the book goes into print but does not make substantial changes. Many people work both as copy-editors and as proofreaders, however.

Both methods – correspondence courses or seminars – cover the same material. If you would prefer to learn by face-to-face seminars, please click here