Lavinia’s Medieval Word of the Week

Swyving for Pleasure and Profit

This week’s word is: Swyve.

What does it mean? The MED defines it as ‘(a) To have sexual intercourse, copulate; smal-swivinge men, men who copulate infrequently; (b) to have sexual intercourse with (a woman); (c) to child, to make (a tree) fruitful’.

How do I say it? How it looks. ‘S-why-ve’.

How should I use it? Not in polite company. And only of women. Men cannot be swyved; they only do the swyving. Hey, I’m not saying the past was fair.

swyving left

Swyve left on this one, Alison. I can’t stand religious types.

Use it in a sentence.

1) He’s a very small-swyving man, which is why he snapchats his genitals to so many women.
2) Haven’t had a good swyve in ages.
3) People used to swyve in the college library. It was very distracting during finals revision.

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