Eight Reading Resolutions You Won’t Regret Keeping

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Eight Reading Resolutions You Won’t Regret Keeping

A good proofreader or copy-editor is most likely an avid reader. Here, Louise from Chapter and Verse Reviews lets us know some of her reading resolutions for 2019. Happy New Year, one and all, and happy reading!

  1. Spend a year reading books by authors you’ve never heard of before


Take yourself off to the ‘New Writing’ section of the bookshop, or dive into some of the more obscure items in your local library. It’s easy to keep reading the same old favourites (I know I always do), but challenge yourself to cast your net a little wider and you’ll end up finding new favourites.

  1. Take a break from the male, pale and stale 

I know, I know. White men are the most victimised group, amirite? But if you challenge yourself to read only books by women and/or BAME authors this year, you’ll certainly end up taking a step away from the classics, and probably into stories and places different from what you might have read before.

  1. Read a genre you’ve not been a fan of before

Love a thriller but no fan of fantasy? Get some recommendations and try something new. There’s lots of ‘crossover’ fiction, too. Ask your friends, people in bookshops, the internet, and see if you can find a way into something unfamiliar through something you know you like.

  1. Join a book club

A bit retro, perhaps. But no one dishes the dirt on a book like a group of half-drunk sixtysomethings on a Thursday night. If you want to see real critical insight, join your local book club. You won’t regret it.

  1. Spend a year giving only books as gifts 

Everyone likes books. Even people who say they don’t – there’s usually something they like to read.

reading 2

6. When you catch up with friends, ask them what they’re reading at the moment

I started doing this about a year ago, and it’s amazing how good a conversation can get if someone is reading something good – or bad!

7. If you love a book, lend it

It’s easy to hoard all those lovely titles, isn’t it? But if you love something, you should set it free. And by ‘set it free’, I mean lend it to all your friends and demand to know their thoughts on it.

8. Read yourself

Did you keep a diary as a child? Do you write fiction? Read yourself, appreciate yourself, become your own biggest fan.


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