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Editing the Kitchen Sink

Proofreading and Copy-editing the Kitchen Sink

Chapterhouse trains copy-editors and proofreaders to work on books, magazines, journals, company reports, academic theses. Everything from company flyers to websites. Proofreading and copy-editing the kitchen sink is the name of the game.

The principles of good, professional editing and proofreading are the same whatever you are working on. Sometimes the approach varies. Should you do a light or a heavy edit? Should you flag up the author’s annoying habits, or leave well alone? Our distance learning courses and seminars give you the tools to do whatever job is set.

editing the kitchen sink

Follow Your Passion

Over the last thirty years we have often been surprised by the work students have been attracted to. Sometimes by accident, sometimes by design. A middle-aged Midland man whose passion was football edited about twenty match-day programmes each week in the season, for example. It often pays to exploit a hobby. What could be better than editing or proofreading in a field (or, indeed, pitch) you really enjoy.

Your passion may be ballet, gardening, cookery or religion. Why not look for work in that area? The most lucrative job I ever had was a series of detailed tax guides! So be warned, and if possible focus on something a little more entertaining.

Mucky Books

Of course, we all take work from wherever it comes. Or almost! An early student was worried that she might have to deal with “mucky” books and needed my assurance that if she wanted to restrict herself to fete programmes that was her choice, though a little restricting, and that dirty books demanded specialist knowledge.

Ex-Pat Freelancers

Chapterhouse has trained students from every continent and maybe upwards of forty countries. We have given our seminars from Dublin to Hong Kong. Some overseas students are ex-pats and others are foreign nationals. It is always fascinating for us to see how students find work wherever they are. For example, ex-pat communities often produce their own magazines and newsletters. Ex-pats may be writers and need help from other ex-pat freelance copy-editors or proofreaders. They may need help to proofread a dissertation or thesis. One young man living in Spain produced and edited with a small team a series of newsletters and booklets about his region.

Hundreds of thousands of British citizens live abroad. Often they are fully occupied with busy jobs. But many are retired with time on their hands. They often have a lifetime of experience they can bring to editing or proofreading, and a little extra money doesn’t go amiss at the nineteenth hole.

Wrapping up the Kitchen Sink

So, whether editing the kitchen sink or proofreading the bath, there are thousands (and quite possibly millions) of options for freelancers. Wherever you are, and whatever you do, there is work that will suit you!editing the kitchen sink


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