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Proofreading and Copy-editing Jobs for Ex-Nurses

Jobs for Ex-Nurses

jobs for ex-nursesJobs for ex-nurses is a sticky subject. It’s a tough decision to leave a caring and skilled profession and take a leap into a new career. But in over thirty years Chapterhouse has trained many nurses and ex-nurses to work with books. From our conversations with nurses we know just how stressful and pressured the job is. We understand how hard it is to give the care you want to when resources are low. If you have decided to leave nursing or are looking at other career options, why not train to be a freelance proofreader or copy-editor?

Some have trained face-to-face in our friendly seminars. Others preferred to work flexibly from home on one of our distance learning courses. Whether you opt for a seminar or a correspondence course, you acquire the same skills – in copy-editing or proofreading or both.

Students who bring a professional skill to freelance work are clearly at an advantage when seeking work on books related to their training. You may have a specialist interest, like paediatrics or mental health. This will give you an even greater advantage.

Medical Textbooks

Publishers of medical textbooks particularly value editors and proofreaders with some knowledge of the jargon and terminology of the work they publish. The author is the expert and you are not expected to be. But familiarity with the medical world is a great advantage.

As you know, textbooks cover every specialism, both in hard copy and electronic form. There are dozens of medical publishers and hundreds of new books published every year. Specialist editing can be very highly paid.

If this is not for you, how about books for non-medics?


Why not visit your local bookshop? You could research on Amazon, but I prefer the joy of a bookshop, the smell, feel and wonder of real books. And often a sofa to browse on and a coffee shop. Just see what a huge market this is.

The most intriguing title I have seen recently is How Not To Die, by Michael Greger, a guide to eating the foods which will prolong your life. There is also The How Not To Die Cookbook! Perhaps I should buy it. But the stress of following the right eating regime may drive me to the anxiety management shelves. And from there to Zen or books on homeopathic remedies.

Today’s news is that vegetarians have fewer heart attacks than meat-eaters, but more strokes. Bet there are a few other factors at work here? Maybe there’s a book in production already.

We seem to be obsessed with health and wellbeing. Everything from mindfulness to regular bowels is covered, and by many competing titles. Every one of these books has been proofread and edited, and many of them by freelancers. You could join them.

Health, Wealth and Happiness

There are a great many proofreading and copy-editing jobs for ex-nurses out there. The scope for work is almost limitless, and as an ex-nurse with good professional training from Chapterhouse you could have a lot of fun, use your knowledge… and get paid well. And no more bedpans and herniated discs! Bet there are lots of books about living with your bad back!


About the Author:

Richard is a director of Chapterhouse. His lifelong love of books led him from the law to publishing. His favourite animal is the rhinoceros and his favourite modern play is Jerusalem. Strangely, perhaps, he is fanatical about football and modern novels.