Editorial side hustle

side hustleWe all know about the gig economy. But what about the side hustle? And are proofreading and copy-editing side hustles?

Well, a side hustle is anything which makes extra cash. Everything from selling your hair to teaching Russian online. Or, perhaps, coaching 11-plus hopefuls. So editorial work could be a side hustle.


Proofreading and copy-editing are freelance careers with a long pedigree. They are not quick fixes to a financial crisis. You need training before you attack a typescript or set of proofs! You can be a part-time or full-time proofreader or copy-editor. If it’s your main income it won’t be a side hustle.

One thing is clear. We all need to be flexible. And many need to build a portfolio of skills.

Redundancy hits women in 2021

Figures from the TUC show just how hard women have been hit by redundancy in the pandemic. Men have seen a 3% redundancy increase over the big recession of 2007/8. But women have suffered a 76% increase! 176,000 women from retail, hospitality and the service economy.

Side hustle or new career?

When the furlough scheme ends in September 2021 women will be at greater risk than men. Many thousands will be moved off the payroll into redundancy. Men will be hit. But women in vulnerable jobs will go first.

We all need to prepare for this change. There are freelance opportunities out there. Some are sound, others scams. Call these income generators side hustles if you like. But to me the phrase is glib. When our mortgage or rent is on the line we need stability. There are no quick fixes. Selling the car is a sticking plaster, not a solution. A side hustle sounds too easy.

If your job is threatened make a sensible long-term career change. Maybe proofreading’s for you. Perhaps not. Your skills may suit you for another path. But do some research now. Be prepared for change.