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Freelance Work During Your Maternity Leave

Louise, from the Chapter and Verse blog, writes…

Proofreading and Copy-editing: Picking up Freelance Work During Your Maternity Leave

freelance work during maternity leaveDoing freelance work during your maternity leave (preferably something that can be done while drinking a cappuccino in a nice café) is a good way to get some extra income as and when you need it in a way that fits around your family. Proofreading and copy-editing are both strong examples of freelance work you can do in and around the other stuff on your busy schedule.

When I pictured my maternity leave, I imagined a lot of nappy changing and sleepless nights and quite a bit of nostalgia for the days of professional bustling. That wasn’t what I found when I went on it. It turns out hours of staring at one’s own baby is a lot more entertaining than even a few minutes of staring at someone else’s.

But it’s no secret that childcare can be a strain on the purse. If you’d like to keep your professional skills sharp and get a bit of extra money in the family budget, picking up bits of freelance work during your maternity leave might be right for you. It’s also a skill that will give you more flexibility as your children get older. You can also mix and match with part-time or flexible working hours in a more structured work setting.

Whats Right for You?

What kind of work would suit you? Perhaps something that can be done in small chunks? Something that needs to happen at certain times of day for unbroken stretches of time is probably optimistic. Something you enjoy too. That way you can have a doubly productive baby nap-time!

So how to find that kind of work? Well, don’t be afraid to advertise yourself and approach the clients you want to work for. They’re not going to find you otherwise. There are thousands of organisations and individuals putting out hundreds of thousands of documents, pamphlets, blog posts, and anything else you can think of. Every day. Proofreading and copy-editing are valuable skills, and are always necessary. The Chapterhouse courses give detailed advice on finding work, marketing yourself, and presenting yourself to potential clients.

Freelance work during your maternity leave – proofreading, copy-editing, or whatever else you’re into – is a great way to help keep things ticking over. And it can help you stay sane too. Just be careful to keep a balance. Don’t run yourself ragged: do the work you can do, and the work you want to do.

freelance work during your maternity leave

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