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Careers for Ex-Teachers

Proofreading and Copy-editing – Careers for Ex-Teachers

There are many careers for ex-teachers, private tutoring probably being the most popular. But freelance editing and proofreading are also strong contenders. Over the years Chapterhouse has taught many teachers and ex teachers editorial skills, either through distance learning or seminars. Some have opted for a proofreading course, others for a combined course of proofreading and copy-editing.

The Right Skill Set

careers for ex-teachersWhy do teachers come to us? Why is a freelance career in publishing attractive to a retired teacher or one who simply has had enough of the long hours and bureaucracy? Usually, it’s not the kids who disillusion frazzled teachers, it’s the relentless admin.

Most teachers have the right attributes for a career in editorial skills. An enquiring, active mind which enjoys a challenge, an ability to focus and concentrate on detail, discretion and a love of language are what’s needed. To be a good teacher you need these qualities and you also need them to be a good editor or proofreader. The overlap of skills is considerable. Anyone who has sat up at night marking essays knows the challenge of keeping the mind fresh and being as focused on essay thirty as essay one.

Working from Home

Working from home is a great attraction for teachers who have had many years in the classroom. They possess a discipline which is essential for home-working. How easy it is to procrastinate, do a bit of gardening, spend too long in the library “researching” holidays. Come on, you should be copy-editing a rather tricky book about the meaning of everything by an author whose sentences never end.

Staying the course

Our courses are either distance learning or seminars. We find that ex teachers are very likely to complete courses and do well.

So why not browse through our website and see what works for you? We welcome all our students warmly, and they come from many backgrounds, but teachers who need a change and a new way of life are very special to us.

careers for ex-teachers

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