editing diaries lavBestselling author Lavinia Collins talks about the process of editing her second trilogy, published with Not So Noble Books, out now!

Book II

So, The Witches of Avalon is safely out, and an honourable length. Hurrah! So now I turn my attention to Book II, The Curse of Excalibur. I’m in the mood to cut. I’m in the zone. Spurred on by how unexpectedly satisfying I found cutting Book I, and the comments of my new Twitter author friends on my last blog post (Carol Hedges, Terry Tyler, Rose Edmunds and EJ Frost) I was in the mood and ready to go.

So I looked over what the editor had suggested. Great! Let the cutting commence. Ha ha. But by the time I got to the end, I was sure there was more to do. I had noticed the way that I had developed this anxious habit in my writing and editing of thinking things weren’t clear and trying to explain too much. A bit of mystery never hurt any novel, in my opinion.

editingI’ve cut almost 20,000 words from Book II and without hesitation I would say it has made my work 20,000 words better. I am certainly getting into the swing of it and now feel like I am developing as a self-editor, but I don’t think I would have been brave enough to make that first chop if someone else hadn’t been stern enough with me to make me do it!

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