comments 1We love it when we get comments from students on our courses who are enjoying what we’ve written.

This was in an email from a correspondence course student this morning:

I am enjoying the course. It’s been really simple to follow so far – I love it when people write clearly in plain English!

We try really hard to make our course materials direct and easy to follow, and our tutors will answer emails with queries as you go through the course. That’s what they are here for!

And this comment was in a letter from a seminar student:

comments 2I took the course at Imperial College … I very much enjoyed the course led by Tom Richards and appreciated his patience and erudite tips!

Notice that I started a sentence above with And: there’s nothing at all incorrect about that. Writers throughout the ages have chosen to do this, from Chaucer to Shakespeare to Austen and onwards. It’s not wrong or “bad” English. Simply the writer’s choice. And notice also that the last sentence didn’t have a verb: again, nothing wrong with that.

Remember that our tutors are always available and happy to help students with queries or comments about the course as they work through it. Just email us for help.

This comment came today:

I’m doing the proofreading course (and really enjoying it – thanks!), and have a question about jumbled text.

Just the sort of thing we love to deal with. (And, yes, that sentence ends with a preposition.)

comments 3Just to round off: a correspondence course student wrote recently:

I am so appreciative of your kindness and understanding. I can honestly say that it has given a whole new meaning when reading a book, newspaper, online etc. and still find myself learning after all these years. Thank you for the very interesting insight to the world of proofreading and copy editing. I have loved doing it …

About the Author:

After taking a degree in English at London University, Daisy set off to become a librarian, only to realise she wanted to work with books before rather than after publication. She spent many happy years with Butterworths publishers, before Devon called, and she left her job as Promotions Manager to work as a freelance publicity consultant, proofreader and copy-editor, working for a wide range of publishers and institutions including Weidenfeld & Nicolson, The King's Fund and the International Statistical Institute. With Richard she set up Chapterhouse in 1991. Her passion for books remains unabated!


  1. Will Turner May 25, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Someone must have said this already, but “Just the sort of thing we love to deal with” is not verb-free.


    • Nick May 29, 2016 at 11:35 am

      You’re right there. Fixing it now. Have you ever thought about becoming a proofreader?

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