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Copy-editing and Proofreading Seminar



Copy-editing and Proofreading Seminar


This course (equivalent to the Copy-editing and Proofreading Correspondence Course) provides a thorough grounding in editorial processes which will equip you for working freelance or full-time.

  • The place of proofreading in publishing.
  • Using the proofreading symbols.
  • Techniques and approach.
  • Spotting errors!
  • Layout and formatting of text.
  • Exercises and assessments.
  • Grammar, punctuation and syntax.
  • The role of copy-editing and its difference from proofreading.
  • The art of copy-editing.
  • Using the copy-editing symbols.
  • Intervention and dealing with authors.
  • Working with house style guides.
  • Ambiguity, clarity and rewriting.
  • Styles and techniques of editing.
  • On-screen editing (optional home-study module).
  • Work and how to get it.

During the four days you will complete a large number of short exercises to consolidate your new skills as you learn them. There is also group work and plenty of time to ask questions and talk about problems.  Students take away three manuals of comprehensive course notes and additional exercises, and have two years of email support after the course. There is also an optional home-study module in on-screen editing.

After the course you complete assessments in proofreading and copy-editing in your own time, and send them to Chapterhouse for marking and feedback. Successful students are awarded the Chapterhouse Certificate of Competence in Proofreading and Copy-Editing, which is highly regarded in the industry. Remember, too, that we’re happy to help with guidance both on finding and on doing the work.

The seminar is usually taught by our Senior Tutor, Tom Richards. Our seminars are held at Monticello House, London, which is in Russell Square, conveniently placed for public transport. (We start at 10 am and finish at 4 pm each day.)

Recent students have said:

I found the course very helpful and enjoyable. I appreciated the fact that we started and finished promptly and that there was no time wasting. The instructions and explanations were all given very clearly and we moved through the work at a good pace, spending an appropriate amount of time on each exercise. I found the manuals very clear and easy to follow and I think the spread of individual and group/partner work was right.

Tom’s guidance was very valuable when it came to going through the exercises together. With regard to copyediting in particular, I felt a lot more confident by the end of the course in judging when to make changes to the text and when to leave well alone.

I wasn’t expecting it all to be so hugely entertaining. Tom was very funny indeed and that was a huge bonus.

This is just a quick email to thank you for a really enjoyable course over the last four days in London. Not only was the course very well structured, Tom was a delight, managing the pace and content perfectly. His enjoyment of the matter was infectious. Being a grammar geek – but not knowing it all – I found the course to be a refreshing change from my day job in campaign management/customer communications which tends to get in a rut. And that’s the reason I decided to look into this line of work. Thank goodness for that copy of The Big Issue I bought in April last year.

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proofreading course seminar studentRachel Cowley, 35, North Yorkshire

What’s your background? I have a degree in law and I’ve worked as a translator, but recently I’ve been a full-time mum to my two little girls.

Why a Chapterhouse proofreading course? I got talking to a lady who works freelance for one of the large publishing houses as a proofreader and copy-editor of school textbooks and magazines and I thought, ‘what a great job – I’d love to do that’. She recommended Chapterhouse – she said it was a good course.

Any advice for someone thinking about the course? If you like English, have the ability to spot mistakes and ultimately want to find a job using this ability, do it, without hesitation! I learned a lot from our highly-educated teacher, Tom, who delivered great lessons. I’m already in talks with a local publisher about doing some proofreading for them.

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