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What do copy-editors and proofreaders do?

A copy-editor prepares an author’s typescript for the typesetter who sets the type and produces proofs. The copy-editor’s job is often quite broad, and decisions have to be made on style, presentation and consistency, as well as minor matters. Once the material is typeset, the proofs are checked by the proofreader, who weeds out any remaining errors before the book goes into print but does not make substantial changes. Some people prefer to specialise as proofreaders, but others work both as copy-editors and as proofreaders.

Chapterhouse offer both correspondence courses and seminars covering either proofreading as a separate course, or a combined course covering both proofreading and copy-editing. Some students like to take their time and study at home at their own pace, taking up to a year to complete the course. If you take a correspondence course you’ll get email support from Chapterhouse tutors, both during your course itself and for two years afterwards to help with that all-important task of marketing yourself to potential clients.

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