With Chapterhouse proofreading and copy-editing courses, you can:

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Publishers Need You!

Chapterhouse has been training newcomers to proofreading and copy-editing for over twenty-five years – longer than any other company. We give our students the best possible chance to succeed in editorial work. With well over 200,000 hard copy books published annually in the UK, along with millions of brochures, catalogues, websites, reports, and magazines, there is huge demand for skilled proofreaders and copy-editors. And don’t forget, if you’re a would-be author, e-book authors increase their chances of becoming bestsellers by being properly copy-edited and proofread.

FROM OUR POST – it’s great to hear good news from a former student!

I had a great experience on your course – you made it fun, challenging, and I remember doing well in your spelling test! Big tick. You impressed upon us that we should sell ourselves in subjects that we know, and mine was cars. I listened :-). I’ve already had three assignments for an exhibition design agency… Bringing together the ideas, texts and designs of very different people into a coherent style was brilliant… and “worth every penny”. Massive tick to Chapterhouse.

KW, Bedford

What do proofreaders and copy-editors do?

What do proofreaders do? The proofreader is the detail spotter who weeds out the last-minute errors (typos, spellings, punctuation) before the book goes to print, but doesn’t make substantial changes or rewrite the material.

What do copy-editors do? The copy-editor works in detail on a book, before it’s designed and prepared for printing. Copy-editing involves making the book the best it can be, as well as finding all the little mistakes. It’s a broader job than proofreading, and copy-editors are usually paid slightly more.

Many people work both as copy-editors and as proofreaders, and often non-publishing clients (such as charities, businesses and other organisations) want a mixture of proofreading and copy-editing. Proofreading and copy-editing are usually done by freelancers who work from home.

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Chapterhouse courses – training you to a professional standard


Run by Senior Tutor Tom Richards, Chapterhouse seminars are warm and informal, with emphasis placed on group work and graduated exercises. We give students as much personal attention as possible, and everyone enjoys the courses while learning a huge amount in a short time. Our four-day seminars cover both proofreading and copy-editing, while our one-day seminars offer an express course in proofreading. Chapterhouse seminars are held at Monticello House in Russell Square, London.

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Correspondence courses

Our correspondence courses have manuals with lots of exercises and model answers for self-assessment, and additional free exercises can be sent in for detailed marking and feedback by our tutors. Chapterhouse offers two different correspondence courses: the Proofreader Plus Course covers proofreading, and the Proofreading and Editorial Skills Course deals with both proofreading and copy-editing. Chapterhouse correspondence students have up to a year to complete the course, so you can work from home, at your own pace.

Please note that the Chapterhouse office is closed for one day on Friday 18th October for staff training