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Reviewed by Louise

Rating: 3 stars

I’m so conflicted about We Were Liars! I read it in two days; I found it pacy, polished and easy to read. I just had a couple of issues with it. The writing style is a little gimmicky for me. Dramatic. Short sentences. Gripping. So we think. But then – what do we know? Yes. I do remember this book. Yes. The way it was. So modern. Modern Novel. Thrilling. But – sadly – empty. Like the void of modern existence. Yes. Like that. Style. Yes. It had style. But substance? I am not so sure. Let me introduce you to this book – it has many repeating motifs. Let me introduce you to the motifs – some are good, some are pretentious. Yes. Let me introduce you to the way they unfortunately become wearing. And the end? Oh the end. No, I did not like it. One twist, yes. Two twists, perhaps. The literary novel equivalent of “then I woke up and it was all a dream”? No, no. But perhaps that was supposed to mimic the emptiness of our own lives. Yes. Empty.

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